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Kids and parents


  • Download the official schools’ pack before Food Revolution Day
  • Bring in different fruits and vegetables and get pupils to try them
  • Tell parents about your plans and get them involved too
  • Join the world’s biggest-ever cooking lesson, taught by Jamie, and be a part of the Guinness world record
  • Encourage parents to download a Food Revolution Day recipe and cook it at home with their kids
  • If you’re in the UK, enrol your school in Jamie’s Learn Your Fruit and Vegetables programme
  • Download our What’s in season activity and arrange a tour of the local farmers’ market
  • Connect with your school wellness committee and use the day to kick-start a conversation for change!
  • Encourage students to choose healthier options in the school canteen – replace chips with salad for the day
  • Share your Food Revolution Day pictures and videos via social media


  • Instead of buying a supermarket sandwich, get your workmates to bring in their favourite sandwich fillers and let them make their own
  • Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – bring a blender into work and get everyone involved in making their own smoothies
  • Download a Food Revolution Day recipe and cook a meal for colleagues
  • Organise a bake sale and encourage workmates to bring in their homemade sweet treats, too
  • Host an activity to promote cooking tasty, nutritious meals from scratch
  • Get in touch with a Food Revolution Day Ambassador and volunteer at a local school
  • Share your Food Revolution Day pictures and videos via social media

Everyone else

  • Download a Food Revolution Day recipe and cook for your friends or family
  • Host an activity in your community – share your cooking skills, then encourage others to pass on their new skills, too
  • Surprise a neighbour with a homemade dish or sweet treat and share your recipe with them
  • Share your Food Revolution Day pictures and videos via social media
  • Become a Food Revolution Day Ambassador and promote real change in your community

Become an ambassador

Do you have a deep commitment that ties in with Jamie’s Big Vision?

Are you already communicating and organising events with the thought leaders in the real food community? We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers from around the world to support the Food Revolution throughout the year.

Ambassadors play a leadership role in connecting individuals, schools, businesses and organisations at a local level to ensure their collective voice is heard. Being an Ambassador is a great way to share some of your food knowledge and cooking skills with your community. If this sounds like a role you’d enjoy, please complete this short form and we will send more details.

Things to keep in mind before applying to become an Ambassador:

  1. Being a Voluntary Ambassador can be time consuming, so it’s important to have a think if you can devote the time before signing up.
  2. Please check if there is an Ambassador already working in your city or community. If there is, reach out to them and see if they need help on their real-food initiatives. You can see a complete list of our Food Revolution Ambassadors here.
  3. Unfortunately, we can only accept a limited amount of Ambassadors per month. If you don’t hear from us, this doesn’t mean that you aren’t a good fit, but that we already have Ambassadors working in your community or in the field that you focus on. Reach out to our local Ambassadors here.


We truly appreciate your support for the food revolution and want to thank you in advance!