The third annual Food Revolution Day will be held on Friday 16 May and this year the focus will be on inspiring kids all over the world to get excited about food and cooking from scratch. As a major part of the day, Jamie Oliver will be broadcasting a cooking class to school children across the globe, streamed via the combined channels of TES in the UK; TES Connect in the USA (through its ‘Share My Lesson’ site); TES Australia and Jamie’s own FoodTube channel. He hopes to break the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ attempt for the for the most participants in a cookery lesson in 24 hours (multiple venues).

With over 40 million children worldwide now overweight or obese by the age of five (WHO figures, March 2013), Jamie now says it is the duty of governments, businesses, schools and parents to work together to help reverse this preventable situation.

Jamie explains: “Everyone knows that over the last few years I’ve been passionate about getting kids and young people to be taught to cook, whether in schools or at home. I believe that we all now have a duty to teach children to understand what food does to their bodies if we’re going to make any progress in tackling obesity and diet-related disease, that means governments, businesses, everyone. Now is the time to focus the energies of everyone involved in Food Revolution Day on teaching kids and keeping cooking skills alive at a time when we need them more than ever.

“Getting kids cooking from as early as possible helps them to develop an essential life skill which will have a huge impact on their future health and wellbeing. “Thanks to TES, I can personally present a cooking lesson to many thousands of school kids all over the world and I hope that through the wonderful Food Revolution ambassadors, many more young people will be able to join in the fun of cooking, using fresh ingredients.

“I’m also hoping to attempt break a GUINNESS WORLD RECORD title for the ‘most participants in a cookery lesson in 24 hours (multiple venues)’, and we’ve got amazing ambassadors and friends all over the world planning to make this a huge global event.” Food Revolution Day began in 2012 as a date when food educationists, campaigners, parents, teachers or indeed anyone with a passionate belief in better food education, could come together and have a combined voice. In 2013, through its growing army of ambassadors, Food Revolution Day inspired over 1,200 events in 74 countries, many of which can be viewed here.

The day is a joint campaign organised by the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation in the UK and USA as well as our partners, The Good Foundation, in Australia. In 2014, Food Revolution Day will be even bigger.

As in 2013, the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation (UK) has teamed up with Prizeo to offer the chance to win a cooking lesson with Jamie for one winner and a friend. The Prizeo competition opens on 1 April and closes on Food Revolution Day, 16 May. Last year’s winner, Annie Fenech, was flown from Perth, Australia with her partner, Robbie Robertson to cook with Jamie in London.

Note to editors: Jamie himself will be in London on Food Revolution Day at two locations, and will be available for international TV and radio interviews about Food Revolution Day.

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