Charred Beef Wrapped Potato Wedges With Cinnamon Soy Sauce

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  • Jakarta, Indonesia
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I am Dian Anggraini, the Ambassador for Food Revolution Day Java. This beef recipe was created by Executive Chef Vindex Tengker for his cooking demo at “Food Revolution Day Java” in Jakarta, Indonesia on May 19. The event was organized by Omar Niode Foundation & Honocoro Community. This recipe is distributed with Chef Vindex’s permission. Photo by Monchichi Photography.


  1. Makes 4 portions
  2. Beef wrapped potato wedges:
  3. 12 ea potato wedges
  4. 12 ea Angus sirloin beef, thin sliced
  5. 180 cc cinnamon soya sauce
  6. 4 ea vegetable skewers (eggplant, leek, onion and shitake)
  7. micro greens for garnish
  8. Cinnamon soya sauce:
  9. 2 tbsp oil for sautéing
  10. 60 g shallots, chopped
  11. 30 g garlic, chopped
  12. 40 g red chili, chopped
  13. 10 g galangal, chopped
  14. 10 g ginger, chopped
  15. 250 ml chicken stock
  16. 100 ml sweet soy sauce
  17. 5 g coriander powder
  18. 3 g cinnamon powder
  19. 3 g nutmeg, grated
  20. 2 ea clove
  21. Salt and pepper to taste


To make Beef wrapped potato wedges:
• Baked potato wedges in 180 Celsius oven for 15 minutes, let it cool and set aside.
• Wrapped baked potato wedges with sirloin beef slices. And pour some of the cinnamon soya sauce. Lets it stand for 10 minutes before grilling.
• In a very hot non stick pan, pour oil and grilled the beef on all side until cooked.

To make cinnamon soya sauce:
• In a saucepan with oil, sauté shallots, garlic, chili, galangal and ginger until aromatic for 10 minutes.
• Add stock and add soya sauce, coriander, clove, cinnamon nutmeg and cloves. Bring to boil for 2-3 minutes and simmer with low fire for 10 minutes.
• Let it cool down and put it in food processor and blend until smooth. Put back in a saucepan, check seasoning. Simmer for 10-15 minutes or until sauce is thicken. Strain before use.

To arrange:
• Serve 3 pcs of each sirloin wrapped potato with 2 pcs of the grilled vegetable skewer. Pour the sauce over and garnish with chives and sesame seed.

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