Food Revolution Day Schools Round Up

Almost a week has passed since Food Revolution Day 2015 and we are taking a look back at how schools all around the world got involved.

In the lead up to the big day, we had an amazing 8,198 schools across 95 countries register to take part in Jamie’s Squash it Sandwich lesson, from a whopping 3,170 schools in the UK to 2 brilliant schools in Zimbabwe.

Here’s a round up of how a few schools across the globe spent their Food Revolution Day.

The Equipe OBF Tremembe school in Brazil got their students cooking along by making the “Squash It” sandwich on May 15.

“We are participating for the first time on Food Revolution Day. We had a great time preparing the Squash it Sandwich. Everybody loved it!”

At The Hurst Campus in South Africa, the wonderful Grethe invited a crèche for underprivileged children to join them for a day of cooking. The chefs paired up with the kids and all enjoyed the nutritious meals together.

“We set up stations for them, we  the squash it sandwich, chicken kebabs and minestrone soup with alphabeto pasta. The kids learned a lot and had  lot of fun ! It was a great success.” – Grethe

A class of 25 students in Dundurn, Saskatchewan, Canadaenjoyed Food Revolution Day;

“We made the sandwiches, fruit smoothies and banana muffins. We are celebrating food revolution day together cooking and eating!” – Bridget Shannon-Wobeser

In Cluj-Napoca, Romania, ”The Little Prince” Kindergarten got cooking on May 15 with the help of ambassador Adela Raluca Moldovan.

“The children put together a play about vegetables, sang a song about vegetables, fruits and cereals, made a fruit salad and a freshly squeezed fruit juice and prepared a simpler version of the squash it sandwich. These children were part of an ongoing project to encourage them to eat more fruits and vegetables, a project that was successfully celebrated on May 15th”.

Ludmilla Primary School in Australia had a brilliant time making their Squash it Sandwiches.

“A lot of the food in the sandwich quite a few of our children had never had before and they happily tried everything. The students found the squishy bit a lot of fun. Each student made their sandwich and everyone enjoyed a whole school picnic out under the trees. Was great. Thank you.” – Sandra Grey

In Del Mar, California, ambassador Fernanda Larson got busy with not one, but five local schools!

“I am happy to inform that in my neck of the woods we celebrated another amazing cooking series in 5 elementary schools: “Continental Cook off!” – I taught over 200 kids during this quarter with Cook for Though and am ready for more! Since every day is FRD in this cooking instructor’s life, I gathered our neighbors and busted a strawberry vinaigrette recipe after my last class on Friday – seeing the ones closest to me revolutionizing their food, is the best reward I can hope for”.

A huge thank you to all of you who participated in Food Revolution Day this year, it was a massive success and we are getting so much great feedback! If you haven’t already, let us know how your school spent the day by emailing [email protected]

Food Revolution Day might be over, but it’s not too late to get involved in the movement! You can download our brilliant resources pack on our website and join in with Jamie’s lesson online at any time. Happy cooking!

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