Ways To Get Involved

Get involved – cook at home with your kids, host a foodie event in your community or challenge your workmates to a cook-off. Share your photos via #FoodRevolutionDay

Do Your Bit

Sign it

Show your support and join Jamie’s global movement.

Share it

Share the petition with your friends and social networks

Do it

Small things matter! Join in with our daily micro-actions

Other Things You Can Do

  • Challenge your work colleagues to a cook-off
  • Round up your friends and host a dinner party, picnic or barbecue – you’ll find plenty of inspiration on our recipes page. Remember to snap and share your pics with #FoodRevolutionDay
  • Take your kids to a local farmers’ market, try a new ingredient and cook from scratch
  • Spread the word and upload them to your email signature, social pages or website
  • Why do we need a food revolution?

Food Revolution Ambassadors

Are you passionate about real, fresh and sustainable food? Are you already taking part in and organising events or initiatives with others in the real food community?

Our ambassadors generate sparks of enthusiasm that help turn the global Food Revolution Day into a local movement. They do this by connecting like-minded individuals, schools, businesses and organisations at a local level. If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer ambassador and want to be part of the Food Revolution beyond the day itself, then click below to sign up.

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