Dinner Party Ideas

Everyone loves a dinner party and on the weekend of 19 May, people around the world from Auckland to Honolulu, will be hosting special meals in support of food education and increasing awareness about the food we eat. The aim is to cook with fresh ingredients – no processed foods allowed. Sign up and add your dinner to the map and you’ll receive an event page to invite guests, share your menu and recipes, add photos, videos, and fundraise for a great cause. Whatever party you throw, encourage your guests to learn more about #realfood and share with us your highlights. Here are a few ideas to get started:

Go Big!

There is no limit to how extravagant your party can be. You could even get your whole community together and have a street party. Why not get local catering centres, restaurants and community groups on board? Of course, there is no limit to how small your party can be either, as long as you share great food and raise awareness of the Food Revolution mission.

Pop-Up Restaurant

Have you ever been to a pop-up restaurant? Why not hold your own? It would be a great way to get people talking about your event and start the conversation on local food. Anyone who sees the restaurant will be able to come and say hello. Although they require a little more planning and preparation, once up and running they are well worth it and could raise lots of money for the Food Revolution.

Theme Your Night

If you want to mix things up a bit, why not give your dinner party a theme? You could pick a specific cuisine – anything from British to Indian, or Mexican to Japanese – and even add a fancy dress element if you are feeling adventurous. It would be a great start for discussions about food issues around the world.

Who Cooks?

If it’s always you who cooks, why not vary who is in the kitchen – men only, or women only, grandparents, bosses, or teachers? You could
even host a series of dinner parties, and at each
one get a different group to cook. It’s a great
way to teach people new skills, and you’ll then
get to compare the menu choice and cooking
style each group goes for. You could even have
a party where the kids cook, under supervision
of course…


At a potluck dinner, every guest brings one dish to share. Getting your community together for a potluck is not only a great way to help raise funds, but also a fun way to get to know your neighbours, learn about food and enjoy some dishes you wouldn’t normally cook. You could centre it around one cuisine, assign each guest a course or dish, or everyone can just bring ingredients and you can all cook together.

Cooking Contests

If you like a bit of competition, why not get a group of friends together and have a cooking competition? Have each friend host a dinner party in the run-up to Food Revolution Day. You can all secretly score one another and then on 19 May have a big final dinner, where you all cook together and the winner is announced.

Bring on the Fun

Your dinner party is not just about fundraising and spreading the Food Revolution Day message, it’s also about having fun with your friends and family, and enjoying great food. Make it feel like a real occasion by adding some decorations and flowers to the tables, making fun name tags for your guests or downloading and playing our free Food Revolution dinner party game.

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