Local Food Event Ideas

Food Revolution Day is the perfect opportunity to talk about food produced and sold in your local area, and to get people to begin thinking about their food choices. Events will be happening across the world on 19 May and anyone can volunteer to create a local food event. It’s a great way for chefs, gardeners and food educators to offer unique food experiences to their community, whether offering free events or asking that people donate to participate; either way it’s important to involve a transfer of skills and knowledge. Here are 25 event ideas for how you can lend your time and talent to get your community on board.

Calling All Restaurants

Good food is the essence of what this day is all about, so restaurants are a perfect place to raise awareness. Why not host a community dinner at your restaurant and donate some of the profits, or give money from one specific Food Revolution dish on the menu? You could even open your restaurant to the local community and get them to cook or bring their
own dishes.

Host an Event at Your Workplace

Why not get your company involved in the week leading up to Food Revolution Day? You could host a lunch for your colleagues, have a bake-off or get some cooking classes on the go. It’s a great opportunity to talk about the importance of good food in the workplace, because we all work better when we’re fuelled by fresh, nutritious food.

Gardening Classes

Set up some gardening classes at your local gardening or horticultural centre, community or school garden to show your community where their food comes from, what kind of ingredients are grown locally, and how easy it is to start growing your own. Whether you have a garden big enough to grow your own vegetables or just a plant pot on your windowsill, with just a little knowledge, a lot can be achieved.

Grocery Store Tours

Organising a tour of your local grocery store will give your community more knowledge of what’s available and how to get the best bargains while supporting local businesses and fresh produce. The tour will also give them loads of great ideas if they are hosting a fundraising dinner party.

Bake Sale & Lemonade Stands

Get the kids involved and have some old-fashioned fun with bake sales and lemonade stands. Set up some stalls in your neighbourhood and cater for the locals. It’s a great way to get your kids on board, as they prepare, cook and sell their creations themselves. Remember, everything you sell must be made from scratch!

Local Food Picnics & Kids Parties

Everyone loves a picnic! Get your community together and head on down to the nearest green space, school field or park. Everyone can bring their own dish to share. You could also get all the kids together for a food party, create some tasters and easy recipes to try, or incorporate some food-based games into the event – think apple bobbing, or egg ’n’ spoon races.

Get Your School Involved

Getting food education back in schools is vital, so there is nowhere better to hold an event. Whether you run cooking demonstrations
and vegetable tastings, or have a flavoured-milk or junk
food-free day, the opportunities for kick-starting the conversation
in schools are endless. Talk to your PTA, health and
wellness committee, school staff, and other parents to see
how they can help.

Cooking Classes & Demos

Community cooking classes are a great way to spread the word and share lifelong skills and knowledge. Once one person is taught how to cook, they can pass those skills on to their friends and family, so the chain continues. Whether you are a chef or just love to cook, this is a great way to share your love of food.

Farmers’ Market Tours

Where better to start the conversation on local foods and connect with your community than at your local farmers’ market? Talk to your local vendors about setting up a tour of the market and finding fun activities for kids, so your community can learn more about what’s available at the market, where it comes from and how it doesn’t always cost more.

Get People Exercising

Exercise and healthy eating go hand in hand, so why not incorporate your favourite exercises into your Food Revolution Day activities? Host a yoga class, fun run or sports day to demonstrate how exercise can be part of a healthy lifestyle. After all the action you can refuel with a fresh, homemade meal together.

Farm & Ranch Visits

Why not get a community group together and head on over to a local farm or ranch? There is nowhere better to learn about where food comes from than at the source itself. This is also a great opportunity to connect with your local farmers and build a close community that supports one another.

Street Parties & BBQ’s

Garden parties, street parties and barbecues are great fun! You could set up a table and chairs outside, get some candles and lanterns and have a proper sit down meal out in the open. Depending on how much space you have you could invite friends and family for a garden party or get the whole community involved and have a good old fashioned street party!

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